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Nuclear New Build Ventures – European Plans & Perspectives

Explore the latest nuclear new build strategies and best-practice frameworks to optimise your nuclear programme

With concerns about global warming and energy security on the rise, countries all over the world are taking a new look at nuclear energy. Backed by energy companies and the European Commission, a growing number of European countries are taking steps towards nuclear new build.

Developing a strategy on nuclear new build is very complex and requires an integrated, long-term vision, taking into consideration all infrastructural, political, financial, supply chain and public acceptance related scenarios.

Benefit from considerations, strategies and lessons learned in other countries!

At IQPC’s Nuclear New Build Ventures conference, leading European industry, policy and research representatives will share their plans and perspectives on nuclear new build strategies and scenarios with you.

Benchmark your own nuclear new build ventures with those of your European counterparts and enable yourself to build a sustainable, efficient and cost-effective nuclear new build strategy that will:

  • Ensure nuclear has a place in your future power mix
  • Incorporate political priorities, critical investment and supply chain mechanisms

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Don’t miss the post-conference workshop day: Radioactive Waste Management Strategies


  • Q&A session on Turnkey or Non-Turnkey: Comparing the Risks and Benefits to Make the Best Strategic Supply Decision
  • An interactive panel session on Enabling New Projects by the End of the Decade (2017-2020) – What does each part of the value chain need in order to build confidence and ensure future nuclear development?
  • Presentations from various policy makers and utility players on their nuclear new build strategy and what this will mean in the long term for their countries and companies
  • Perspectives on Public Opinion: An overview on changing public perceptions of Europeans and nuclear
  • Post Conference Workshop on Radioactive Waste Management Strategies, featuring indepth and highlevel perspectives from France and Belgium on developing a reliable plan for nuclear waste management

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