Post Conference Workshop: Friday 21 January 2011

09:00 - 13:00 Radioactive waste management strategies

Developing a Reliable Plan for Nuclear Waste Management

  • Principles and bases for radioactive waste management, organisations, funding, ownership, liability, responsibility
  • Waste classification principles, overview in different countries, radioactive waste inventories, management plans
  • Different types of radioactive waste repositories, each suited for a given type of radioactive waste

10.30 - 11.00 Coffee And Networking Break

Radioactive waste management: already existing industrial operations

  • Management of radioactive waste from NPPs operations in France, site characteristics, operations from waste generation to its disposing of
  • A repository suited for radioactive waste from French NPPs dismantling operations, site, operations, volumes reduction
  • A new project of repository for low level short lived waste in Belgium

Your Workshop Leader:

Gérald Ouzounian
Director, Direction internationale
The National Radioactive Waste Management Agency (ANDRA), France

Your speakers:

Richard Poisson
Senior Expert in Radioactive Waste Management, ANDRA

Nicolas Solente
Senior Expert in Radioactive Waste Management
ANDRA, France

Sylvie Voinis
Head of the Nuclear Safety & Security Department
ANDRA, France

Alain Delaplanche
Head of the Quality, Nuclear Safety & Environment Department on the operating facility of CSA
ANDRA, France

Pascal Lecoq
Head of the Special Solutions and Business Department
ANDRA, France

Rudy Bosselaers
Project Manager
ONDRAF, Belgium