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  • Lady Barbara JudgePaving the Way for Nuclear

    Lady Barbara Judge, former Chairman of the UK Atomic Energy Authority, speaks to Oil and Gas IQ about the state of play within the Nuclear Power Industry. In this exclusive interview, she talks about the competitive global position of nuclear power plant designs and vendors; the impact of rising fuel prices, increasing carbon emissions and rapidly depleting fossil fuels on the nuclear energy market.

    Looking specifically at the UK, she discusses the policy issues and practical problems the UK faces in regard to nuclear power and how the country can build an investor-friendly climate through policy and legislative issues. Lady Judge then discusses how the economics of nuclear versus conventional energy sources compare, advocating that nuclear is a feasible option for the future of power generation, in balance with the safety, technological and political issues that need to be addressed.

    Lady Judge will be presenting at the Nuclear New Build Ventures Conference, see details of her session Nuclear Britannia: Mapping UK’s Nuclear Future.

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  • Steps to Empowerment and Investment in Nuclear

    Jörn-Erik Mantz, Head of Nuclear New Build, RWE Technology GmbH joins Energy & Utilities IQ to discuss driving investment in nuclear new build.

    The discussion opens with how nuclear will fit within the power mix going forwards, and how the UK is placed to face investment and supply chain challenges. Next, Jörn-Erik talks about how the UK’s new build strategy compares with that of other countries, before outlining RWE’s operational plans.

    The second part of the interview tackles investment in more depth, taking a look at the key considerations for investment in nuclear build projects, the core challenges when it comes to the vision and plans for nuclear power and the mechanisms required to encourage investment in nuclear new build, going forwards.

    Jörn-Erik will be delivering a talk on Understanding The Key Criteria For Empowerment Of Investment In Nuclear New Build, at the Nuclear New Build Ventures Conference in January 2011.

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  • Forming partnerships to support nuclear new build

    Nations around the world are beginning to look at the possibilities presented by nuclear energy as concerns about global warming and energy security continue to intensify.

    However, thanks to backing from energy companies and the European Commission, a growing number of European countries are taking the steps towards nuclear new build, and this has been exemplified by the recent forming of a Franco-British alliance which may have pointed the way forwards for the industry.

  • Backing nuclear new build at a government level

    The need for a low carbon future is arguably greater than ever as sea levels rise and ice caps melt, while energy security continues to concern governments across the planet. In the UK, the coalition has taken steps towards a low-carbon future by proposing reforms aimed at driving the growth of clean energy industries in the UK and also ensuring consumers are not left counting the cost.